New News

My blog post this time isn’t related to last lecture, but I was so intrigued by an advertisement I saw in women’s magazines that I had to investigate this more.

Nanso was advertising its clothes as “more responsible ones”, freely translated. This was new news to me that they actually have taken responsibility and sustainability as an agenda in their advertising campaigns. I started studying their web site and was quite taken by all the things they have started to make and tell about in public; there is always the risk of criticism when doing things “in more sustainable way”. From the web sites one can see quite easily that this is new stuff to Nanso as well, since not all the information they want to share isn’t there yet, but apparently it’s coming soon. In the web site they have opened their production cycle and the issues related to sustainability sharing what they are trying to do in a more sustainable manner. They have of course realized that by having the production chain to themselves, they have more control over the sustainability issues, but still they only make 60% of all the clothes in their own factories. They say this is because they have different channels to sell the clothes; markets and boutiques and they have a price point that determines where the clothes are produced. Of course the clothes sold in markets are done in lower cost countries. This is a major point of critique, but they have taken an honest way of communicating this and at least I can appreciate it. Nanso also tries to educate consumers to act more sustainable, and this sharing the knowledge that the same clothes sold cheaper in markets are also done in more unsustainable way, is important.

What I also like in their web site, is that they have actually taken responsibility promises. They are clear and easy to verify. Nanso also has a sustainability and responsibility YouTube video, but unfortunately it is in Finnish only. All the things Nanso does, they share openly and use it in their marketing. They have some issues that can be criticized but for me it still feels as if they are trying their best, and that wins me over. These are the ways companies can prove their responsibility and not just make hollow marketing campaigns with no back up for their promises.

One major affects this course and the assignment of writing blogs is that you get really alert to all things related to sustainability. For me, this has changed the way I look marketing messages aimed for me unintentionally or not. In fact, I think it has changed my perspective towards the whole idea of consumerism to more conscious and alert (and here I thought I already was this, but actually I wasn’t..). So I thank you all 🙂


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