Make a change: be the change

Why does it take a shocking event, a tragedy, an attack to change things? You can justify your actions and thoughts to yourself, even without any rational reasons, until the situation hits you in the face. Then you are forced to rethink your principles and your view of life. This applies to business as well. When a company is accused by a NGO of being unsustainable, it cannot just stick to the old habits. It has to change or prepare to lose the business. But the change that is forced, that is motivated outside-in, is still more incremental than the change that springs from inside. Both people and businesses have to be mature and receptive enough for change, other wise it is not so effective or lasting.

Though outside-in pressure relatively often cures only the symptom, not the decease, it can lead the company to a situation where the it takes a more proactive role in the future. That way the change can be more comprehensive in the long run. So basically I’m saying, what we all know is true: real change comes from inside. It comes from you.


hahah quite corny 🙂



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