Becoming a change agent?

Internal marketing is not entirely new to me as a term, but it is something that is less talked about in marketing classes but more in HR-related classes. The purpose of it is mainly to communicate internally and to convince the employees of an organization about its mission, vision and performance. The employees are those who implement the strategies and policies and therefore key on the way to success. The inside perspective to sustainability serves the same purpose. In my view, informing employees on the policies related to sustainability, which the company most likely has, how the employees can contribute to it and why it has to happen are very important aspects for the internal marketing of sustainability.


I have heard from many CS managers that resistance within one’s own organization is the biggest challenge being a CS professional in a company. They tend to stand alone with their ideas and beliefs as sustainability is still often understood only as a communication issue instead of being an essential part of the mission and vision. Considering the fact that an employee of a company is at the same time also a consumer, the role of internal marketing of sustainability related issues should not be underestimated.


Sensitizing employees of an organization about sustainability related issues could be the start for someone to change habits towards being more sustainable. For instance offering employees free public transportation needs to be promoted attractively to make people switch from private cars to a more sustainable way of commuting. That might be the necessary push towards a more sustainable lifestyle. The manager responsible for sustainability related issues, may the title be Corporate Responsibility Manager or whatever, has the knowledge and hopefully also the ability to translate that knowledge into practical terms. He or she can be the change agent that the organization needs to transform into being more sustainable.


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