John Doerr, venture capitalist who currently serves on the board of Google and multiple other companies, he was been funding companies like Netscape,, said “greentech is the biggest economic opportunity of the 21st century …the next big thing”. Sustainability can be the next big thing, and not just in business, but also for invention in technologies. Sadly but true, that there are limits for natural resources, and especially if the world’s population growth rate is continuing in its current phase, the limit might came faster than we might be able to think. But there are number of promising technologies that might help the population. For example wind, solar, water energy, biofuels in energy production, engineered and low energy materials in production of goods, biotech, transportation and many else. The imagination is just the limit where to take sustainability. Modern trend is that companies and venture capitalists have started to see the potential, but is the current speed enough or it is needed to be done with higher velocity. Do we have time before doomsday clock reaches midnight (

the doomsday clock was originally published in 1947, in a fear of nuclear war, but the modern meaning have turned towards environmental, and technological threats. “Changes in population, global warming and climate change, depletion of non-renewable energy and other resources, food production methods and capabilities, water availability and usage, renewable resource adoption and deployment, recycling issues, and technology in various arenas are some of the factors that affect the sustainability of the world.”

John Doerr daughter said to him “your generation created this problem, you better fix it”, True, but us the younger generation can help the older one in fixing it.

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