Old businesses unlikely to become sustainable?

In the course slides business model is described as consisting of customer value proposition, profit formula and key resources and processes. One important thing mentioned also is that business model doesn’t describe the reality that the business exists in; it doesn’t have the element of competition and surely it always exists, either directly or indirectly. This is because the business model exists inside an eco system, which is the reality around it. As business model is a map of how to make profits, is defined, created and is something that is describing the future, the eco system is the real environment where a business operates, it is something into what the business model needs to adapt and it already exists and lives its own life. A business model and the eco system are constantly interacting together because they cannot exist without each other either and through these business models we try to influence the eco system around it.

As we learnt; turning a business model into a sustainable one takes time and is difficult to make happen overnight. But starting to plan a business model from sustainable basis does not take any more time than a regular one, it is just different. This is why new businesses can leap frog ahead existing ones and the same way whole societies can leap frog ahead others; they don’t have the baggage of old ways, methods, infra or way to  do business as usual. This is also the driving force that keeps the wheels running between the business model and the eco system.

As an answer to: “are old businesses likely to become sustainable ones” comes here: the constant interaction and the wheels driving between business models and eco systems change both of these; the trend of sustainability rising from the eco system pushes more sustainable business models to surface, and again more sustainable business models change the eco system to become more sustainable itself. As one wise (wo)man ones said; only through positivity permanent changes can be made. Which one came first; egg or hen? Doesn’t really matter; what is obvious to me too, as said in jorghronek’s blog also, is that sustainability drives with positivity and I too believe it will become the norm. Even the “old ones” cannot escape from it.



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