Of vanities, wants and stupidity

Why do we need everything available at all times? Why do we have to be reachable at all times?

We’ve come so far from the agrarian and subsistence economy, well actually so far from nature that at the moment we try to, artificially, be reunited with it. Before all this availability food was not labeled organic or local, it was food. There were still things that were exotic. Now it is taken for granted that you find kiwis, pomegranates, avocados and all sorts of fruits from your local store. And of course you expect to find these as organically produced as well, if not from the local store, at least some where relatively near. There are two roads and we are running on both of them at the same time. We are used to the convenience of things, but we long for the simple “organic” life.

We live our lives in the big cities with all the comforts you can imagine. And we don’t want to give them up, absolutely not. It is easy to drift along the trends and make your life more convenient with the things the marketing men and women are selling us. Yes, I definitely need my bananas ready peeled and sliced and of course I can’t clean my windows by hand, when there is a new machine that can do it for me. If they say so it is true. But wait, is it? NO!

There are so many vanities that are just everyday for us now. Of course most of them are total waste of money and time and absolutely ridiculous. BUT there is a reason why they are sold and bought, something that treats the vanity in us. The other day I had an epiphany of such reason. I had seen this add about jeans that moisturize your skin while you are wearing them and thought it was the stupidest thing. Some hours later I was walking away from the gym. I had just been to the sauna and had to wear my skinny jeans after. And oh boy, weren’t they harsh on my skin! That is when I graved for those lovely moisturizing jeans. Vain? Yes. Convenient? Totally. Stupid? You can decide yourself.




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