We make a first hand production with a second hand look

During our lectures, we’ve already touched the topic of aesthetics of sustainable productsVery often products with sustainability claim look like or at least have some detail of being made from either recycled materials or by hand, and what is even more important – the creators of these products underline sustainability. As a result an ordinary consumer gets an image of sustainable product as something made from used bottles, recycled paper or second-hand clothes.

But not everyone finds this type of aesthetics as something beautiful. For example, I will never wear Freitag bag, because for me it looks cold and alien. Moreover, I have heard from some people, that they will never buy Globe Hope products just because they think that the use of all these military materials makes it look ugly. I don’t want to say that this is bad that some companies design their products emphasising the use of recycled material. No, not at all, every man to his taste, I think lots of people like it and this is totally fine. The problem is that the image of sustainable products is spoiled and narrowed down to a niche, and as a result large enough share of consumers who do not appreciate second-hand look are getting negative impression about sustainable consumer products as a whole.

I see the role of sustainable marketing in improving this situation by emphasising other aesthetics of sustainable products. So all consumer groups will be aware that it is not only products with recycled-look that are produced in a sustainable way, but also products with firsthand–look can be produced from sustainable materials and by using sustainable technologies with a working disposal system.

Otherwise, we will get soon lots of products with this kind of messages, which I found on one of my jackets (I still don’t get, what the tried to say to their customers):



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