Sustainability purchase perception matrix

Today’s lecture discussed the concept of convenience and factors it consists of. The Sustainability purchase perception matrix was also introduced. The matrix discusses the influences of the degree of confidence and the degree of compromise in product convenience in terms of sustainability. With the help of the matrix the products can be categorized into four categories: feelgood purchases, win-win purchases, why bother? -purchases as well as why not? -purchases.

I will provide a matrix of my own in terms of everyday buys relating to sustainability, that could be fitted into the four columns of the matrix:

Feelgood purchases (high confidence, high compromise)

Example: Going to a farm and buying organic meat straight from the farmer

Justifications: It takes time to find information, arrange meeting with the farmer and travel to the farm; it requires lots of effort and proactivity to make the purchase; higher prices; transport costs etc.

Win-win purchases (high confidence, low compromise)

Example: Fair trade coffee from a nearby café

Justifications: Fair trade label gives the product credibility; difference in price is not remarkable compared to regular coffee; no time or money is required for transportation or travel needed if the café is on the way etc.

Why bother? purchases (low confidence, high compromise)

Example: Eco-travel (?)

Justifications: Difficult to prove their sustainability; can travel ever be sustainable? Requires a lot of time and effort to find out information and organize the trip; high prices etc.)

Why not? purchases (low confidence, low compromise)

Example: Organic eggs from a supermarket

Justifications: Product price doesn’t differ much from non-organic eggs; eggs are easy to find from the supermarket; it doesn’t require any extra time or information-seeking; but organic aspect may be difficult to prove etc.


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