Pretty small steps

When I read the previous postings, I got a bit of a reality check. There seems to be a lot of issues in textiles industry and surely Globe Hope hasn’t been able to avoid them all. The good old guilty consumer in me raised it’s head… But then again, a girl’s got to wear something!

There are no absolute “sustainable products”, some goods are just less evil than others. I think Globe Hope has succeeded, not only in finding a commercially feasible way of taking some baby steps for sustainability, BUT ALSO they are doing it in an interesting way! And when they receive publicity, it’s also advertising for the sustainability agenda as whole. I believe that all the attention that businesses like Globe Hope get help to raise consumer awareness about the impacts of our consuming habits.

They might be making just a small impact for sustainability but at least they are doing it in a pretty way! I really fell in love in some of their designs. Like Inka said, the product needs to be that good that the consumer would buy it even if it wasn’t made of recycled materials. Yes! I couldn’t agree more!

So I decided to love Globe Hope. You go guys, you have just got yourself a new fan!

These are the products I fell in love with. P.S. My birthday is 25th July.




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