What if?

What if more companies in the world would be structured like Globe Hope?

What if we start reusing what we got?

What if we don’t use machines anymore to produce certain things?

What if we start working more with our bare hands again?

What if we put individuality back in products?

What if we value more the history of what is around us?

What if we stop trying to be more and more efficient?

What if start to work less?

What if we start to decrease the stress we make ourselves?

What if we have more leisure time?

What if we spend more time with our family and friends?


What if the answer to all those questions is: yes, we could do that?

What if a yes to all those questions would make our lives better?

What if this would lead to more happiness?

What if fewer natural resources would be used when we take that path?

What if we start to enjoy more the sunsets and the fresh air in the woods?

What if we value the process as much as the outcome?

What if we use our free time to engage in more social activities?

What if all of this is possible?


What if the Globe Hope lecture reminded me of a paper I’ve read last year?

What if we start degrowing through amateur economy?

What if I suggest you to read this article?


Sustainable degrowth through more amateur economy

by Jørgen S. Nørgård


amateur economy


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