There are more “globe hopes”

Inspired from the Globe Hope’s presentation and their business idea of making more sustainable and green clothes, I started searching the web for more stories like Globe Hope. My first thoughts were; I probably won’t find that many truly green or sustainable stories to tell. I have learned to be skeptical because of examples like H&M Conscious Collection.

But wow, there are more stories like Globe Hope! This only proves how rookie am I when it comes to responsible, green and more sustainable clothes. I found a whole web site listing these shops and educating people, like myself, what are green clothes, green materials, green brands ect. Consumers like me really need these sites and, at least for me, they make green choices more available and easy.

But why haven’t I heard or read these alternative choices before? I mean, I knew about Globe Hope but that’s only because they have a shop right in the city centrum. Why haven’t I heard about the others before? Well, Globe Hope’s presentation gave some glue; they don’t do just about any marketing. My guess is that many of these green clothing shops do the same. Now that is a shame, more consumers like me could be easily transferred into a green clothing consumer just by sharing more; using more social media or other inexpensive marketing tools.  This error in the green clothing industry in Finland should be fixed; the market here is small and easy to reach, word of mouth and social media travel fast. Please put some effort into marketing as well, I beg.

Here’s the site I liked, share it if you like it too 😀




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