Home Beer in Tallinn Old Town

I decided to diversify blog’s last days content and write about something lighter – about places where you can consume local beer in Tallinn Old Town.

I conducted a short research, mainly by asking my friends from Tallinn, and managed to locate 4 places so far. Some of them are already famous tourists attractions, but some are not that well-known among city guests.

I will arrange the list according to my personal visits:

1. Olde Hansa is the most famous touristic restaurant in Tallinn Old Town. I think any of you, who had visited Tallinn at least once, has also visited this place. In contrast, I visited it once in 23 years of my life in Tallinn, so this is VERY touristic place. But even though, they have a very good choice of home beers and wines. I am not sure where and how they produce them, but they are really different from beers you can buy in stores.

2. Beer House produces their home beer in the middle of the restaurant hall, thus they have a real home beer. But the raw materials like malt, hops and yeast they bring from Austria and Germany. This is justified by the low quality of Estonian hops. Personally, I visited this place may be 3-4 times in 23 years, so this is semi-touristic place, but also with a very good atmosphere.

3. Hell Hunt is a legendary pub in Tallinn, which is also quite famous among tourists, but it is the pub for locals. I will cheat here, because I visited it countless times, it is my favourite place in Tallinn to drink beer. Hell Hunt has a largest choice in Tallinn, including their own Hell Hunt light and dark beer. Hell Hunt’s home beer is not that different from other beers, but it is worth tasting, especially if you like good pub atmosphere.

4. Kodu Baar is so much local bar, that it is beyond my number of visits. I was glad to learn from my graphic design colleague, that in this bar they serve Pihtla beer produced by farmers from Saaremaa island (everywhere is local in Estonia). As I heard, this is a real heavy artillery – 7,5%, and as he said, very delicious, thus if you would like to try an authentic home beer, visit Kodu Baar. It is must try beer, I will definitely taste it during my next visit to Tallinn.

First, I designed a special map for this post, which unfortunately, I couldn’t embed due to wordpess.com limitation, but you can check it here: http://roma.dip.ee/map/.

As a result, I have to use a boring, but practical google map:

I almost forgot to say – please consume beer responsibly 😉

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