Globe Hope, a brand with no flaws?

Company presentations are always interesting. As a student you should find things to criticize even if it is sometimes very difficult to do. Take Globe Hope for instance. Their whole business is based on recycling and environmentally responsible corporate behavior. Sounds good right? Globe Hope believes in aesthetics, being ecological and ethical so why should we bother to dig our noses deeper and by force try to find something that might be left out from the clean brand frame? My guts say that: “Go for it, buy everything from Globe Hope and feel good about yourself”. Their products are ecologically sound and they are produced in Finland and Estonia e.g. ‘locally’. But, what about the materials they use in their products? Where do they come from and what is their history?

An important ingredient in Globe Hope’s branding and marketing is how they tell stories about their products. Interesting stories and a history gives a soul to the product, which transforms into added value and higher margins. The stories as no doubt fascinating but is it the real truth about the history of that material. For instance is it possible that some old military textiles are produced in shady circumstances, or maybe men who have killed other people wore these textiles? It isn’t totally impossible to leave out the possibility of child labor either.

Anyhow, my point here is not to blame or show that Globe Hope has violated human rights. My point is that in such industries like textiles, showing who is responsible and for what is really difficult. Equally difficult it is to be 100% sure about the total origin of the material. To avoid scandals like Nike and H&M, companies need to be very careful with their supply chain management and material procurements. The intensity of information flow today in our society can have very dramatic impact on companies who do not pay their attention on supply chain management.

I still lift my thumbs up for Globe Hope but I hope their stories about the products remain clean and cool. It takes many years to build a strong brand, but only couple of minutes to destroy one.


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