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The presentation of Globe Hope was interesting. It is still the best known company that makes sustainable clothes in Finland though many other actors have entered the field in resent years. There must be many reasons for this; right timing, strong founder/leader, right kind of exposure in public, right partners etc. Also the use of materials such as army textiles have boosted the image of the company in this country that admires order and discipline.

But others are following. One example that I heard about couple of months ago is Remake. It is a sewing workshop that renew old clothes and also make new ones from waste textiles. A customer can go to the shop with some old clothes and they will either update the clothes or make something totally different from the them. I like the idea.

Actually I spent my Easter holidays updating my wardrobe. Now when spring is here and the sun is shining all the nice spring clothes and colors drag me to the shops. But this time I resisted the temptation and took another look at the clothes I have not used in years. With few new seams and some accessorizing they became better then new and just in trend. That’s my way of reusing and reducing waste. I only hope there were more space to store my treasures when they are not in every day use :).



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  1. You know that’s such a great thing to hear. Even though the impact of skipping spring shopping once may be small for one individual, to me that demonstrates a way of thinking that differs from what is the cultural norm these days. Several sustainability enthusiasts as well as designers have called for a different perspective towards clothes, and stuff in general. The idea is to find meaning in the things you own, and if possible, establish emotional attachments to them (as for buying stuff, the idea would be to only buy things that somehow feel meaningful or have the potential for it). Old clothes can often be reused either as they are in different combinations with other clothes, wearing them differently, or tuning them in one way or another. And sometimes the more you use something and it retains its usefulness, the dearer it becomes. Works for me anyway.

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