Globe hope

Is the Globe hope “foregoer” for sustainable clothing and reusing clothing materials? It has been modern trend for many clothing company to start using recycled the material for modern lines, for example H&M, Patagonia, Freitag, Timberland, etc. Before the companies tried to use recycled material, consumers, who had the ability to make themselves clothes, started the trend to sew clothes from their own “old” material. I see that the idea is harder for companies, than individual consumers, because procurement of material might be dilemmatic. It is relatively easy to cut and sew for example own old jeans to a hand bag, but how about to make 10,000 jackets from old army tent canvas. Forecasting demand for clothing have been most problematic area in clothing industry. Models change twice a year or even more often. Typical companies have huge number of SKU, because all different colors and sizes of each products. Over forecasting will mean piles of unsold products, that represent lost money, time, and material. Under forecasting demand will mean unachieved products, customers are lost to other companies, etc.  Same goes to the issue of buying the raw materials, as the visitor lecturer told us, Globe Hope buys army material as in tons and sails one-by-one. Getting the raw material must be difficult also, at least more difficult than for traditional clothing companies. One does not really know when will be next auction for used army materials, so he/she needs to have safety stock in warehouse. But when and how long the same materials can be stored in warehouses and each stock unit must cost something for the company. It would be really nice to take a deeper look for Globe Hope’s supply chain management strategy.


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