Customer cost

How many of us really think the total cost when making the purchase? It might be every day in bigger investments like a house or a car, where using cost are big or using cost are easily detected when comparing to the purchase cost. I recently bought a microwave, and during that procurement I didn’t think about total cost, but I can do it now and see did I make good investment. During the buying I did make my decision, according to price, size, and energy usage. Yes, energy usage is part of use cost, so I was somewhat in right tracks. What other cost there are? Of course the price, what amount of money have to be given at the moment of buying the machine. When price was one of the main factors, it was taken in account. purchase cost is the second one, I didn’t spent much time in searching, but I did some research via internet. I have monthly web, so use of the internet didn’t cost me. There is opportunity cost that would I have done something more profitable or more achieving during that time spend in searching a good product. Is there any correlation with time spends investigating and cost of procurement, I think this also depends on the individual needs. Is the main concentration in search the price or some other factor as esthetics?  There was some transportation cost, because I used a car to pick up the microwave, but I should have used the car in other products also. The situation of the store will affect to the transportation cost, but it won’t affect much, or it really depends where the store is, but now we are talking about stores in Helsinki centrum.

Energy cost are stated in each microwave so they are easy to measure and compare, and the are not much difference in modern microwaves. With the using amount that I have, it must be really small.  Switching and maintenance cost is more interesting, how much more should I invest to “high quality” machine that will probably last longer than cheap machine. It is really hard to compare different machines with this aspect, because one can’t really tell how long or when the machine is going to break. One can try to obtain information from seller, importer, of manufacturer, but will these give reliable unscrewed answers. I think that in this, one just needs to trust his/her instincts and rumors heard from other users.

Post-use costs are pretty much the same still with different products, the process is still the same, so not much of effort should be put to this while buying a microwave.


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