Product Life Cycle

How many of us think about product life cycle when we do procurements? I have to admit that I do not. Could it give more value to me or to society if I would think about life cycle before buying or in buying decision?

There are some ways to think about product life cycle in buying decisions. Pondering between cheap product, which probably will not last that long, or buying the more expensive one, that is known from good quality. Does it  make an impact egologically? It can be assumed that when buying cheap, non-lasting product, one needs to make the same procurement again later. It can get more expensive in the long run, but is there other impacts? If the demand is more, organizations will eventually make more, which will mean more emission and other secondary effects, for example, more energy will be used in logistics and transportation of those products from manufacturing plant to consumers, more waste will be created, etc. Nevertheless, sociological influence will be positive, more money will be transferred which creates more jobs and may raise well-being.

Thinking product life cycle can be beneficial, but modern fast lane society won’t always give time to make life cycle analysis before every procurement. Can the analysis be made fast and convenient way so that it would not take much from consumers? Can or should vendors provide information about product life cycle on packages. It can be beneficial if it would be mandatory, placing the information in sector specific scale about producing, use, and disposal. Kind of like home electronics have energy consumption metrics, but it could be broader. This could help unsure buyers and also educate unknown ones.


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