Does the old dog learn new tricks?

Does the old dog learn new tricks? Can the once learned habits be changed and how difficult is that? “Habit is behavior that has been repeated many time”, according to our lecture slides. If I am used to go to the McDonalds drive-thru or to Shell gas station for some reasons, and I just discovered that these companies are unethical and they are exploiting natural resources and human resources. Will I be like Pavlov’s dogs and start to salivate every time I see McDonalds golden arches? Will “the tunnel vision” make me blind to other possible actions to fulfill my same needs that these places does? How much I need to be exposed to marketing before I start to change my habits.

If I am able to be conscious of the habits, I might be able, or at least have some chances, to break free from them. So changing the habits will need; consciousness and will power. Consciousness is relatively easy to achieve, one can easily study alternatives and information about consumption. Consciousness about the habit can be harder to detect, but still it is not anything overwhelming. Will power can be harder. What is to motivation or incentive to do the change, that also is very personal question and it can’t be answered in ubiquitous way.


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