About wants and needs

How consumers needs and wants affect to the buying decision? We were talking about needs in the class and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs made me wonder, what and how consumers fulfill their needs. “How much” “need” is required to overcome ones perception about sustainable consumption? What kind of need it have to be that one forgets other values? Of course it is really person dependent and every person have different “powers” for their needs, but thinking it from own personal perspective can be eye opening. It will clear how much or how important sustainability is to oneself.  Also thinking opportunity cost of using and buying sustainable products will help on this dilemma. For example how much more I would be willing to pay from energy created from renewable resources when compared to non-renewable energy, is the nuclear power even option? Would it be harder if the choice have to be made on groceries?

Same thing comes with triple bottom line, is one dimension more important that others, and how much that is more important in others expense. Will I prefer social over economic, and where environmental dimension places itself. Is it possible to make scorecard for oneself to make it clearer to make decisions. How businesses can take advantage of this, and how easy it would be to cluster consumers according to their needs and values. Can it be used in marketing.  Creating a business case by this dilemma could be beneficial to companies.


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