World’s population is growing in an enormous speed, and consumption in modern world is growing even faster. Technology has changed our life in 20th century, and consumers are demanding products that make their lives easier. Growing consuming have brought problems in resources, and will there be enough natural resources to carry our world to next century? Do we need to change our consuming habits or can we keep going on the same path as before?

Can sustainable consumption and economy be an answer to these questions? Sustainability has been raising its head, especially in western world and Europe, but it might not be enough. Even though its growth, sustainable consumption is still a small niche movement. I think that biggest problem is the growing economies in developing countries, where the consumption and populations are growing fast.  For example private consumption in China is increasing in one of the fastest rates in the world. “China does not see emissions as a problem that must be dealt with immediately. With millions remaining in poverty, economic growth is still the priority,” (The Guardian).  Sustainability in China is not seen as linked to consumer or private consumption as in Europe, the biggest problem arises in industrial side. But when the goal is to raise the country with one of the largest populations out of poverty, sustainability is not seen as important factor.  There are many more countries such as China, which sets other business goals first and sees sustainability as “second grade” phenomenon.

This puts me wonder, that how much single person can do and affect. But if we all would think this way, none would do anything and the dilemma would be even worse. The biggest issue in sustainability is to involve everybody, and to bring about multicontinental movement.


Guardian (


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