How far has your pizza travelled?

Suomen Kuvalehti has made revealing graphics about where the ingredients for a frozen pizza made in Finland, in Pudasjärvi actually come from. The only ingredient in the pizza bought in Pasila that does not have double digits for its travelling distance to the factory is the water.  The flour used in the pizza has traveled merely 70 km, so also it can be considered local. All the other ingredients have much longer trips behind them. For instance the cheese comes from Britain (1900 km), onions from Poland (1900 km) and pineapples from Costa Rica (9900 km). A simple frozen pizza is a truly magnificent product of global collaboration and well-functioning logistics network.  I cannot help but wonder what might be the pizza´s carbon footprint compared to a pizza made at home from scratch, possibly using Finnish onions and locally produced cheese etc. Do economies of scale have a significant effect in the production stage of the pizza? Hm…

Unfortunately the article is Finnish, but the awesome kilometres of the ingredients in the graphic are worth taking a look at.


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