Where is the proof?

Yesterday on my way home I came across with this add.


HM Conscious Collection

H&M conscious collection “More sustainable fashion”.

Where is the proof?

I had to dig a bit deeper to find some information about the sustainable acts they are really doing in H&M. I Found a sustainability report, where they claimed to be the second biggest user of organic cotton in the world and there was a lot of other good things too like the recycling campaign I wrote about earlier. But I had to go very far on the long report to find some traces of sustainability evaluation and reporting and I actually didn’t find any standards to proof the things they had claimed in the add.

So how is it more sustainable than H&Ms other collections? There is not even mention of the organic cotton in the add or about the social impacts of their sustainable actions. It just a pretty french singer-actor in nature like environment. No proof.

And by the way I’m not against H&M, it has just provided me with some great examples of the topics we’ve discussed on the lectures. That’s why there is already two blog posts concerning the clothing giant.





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