Colorful Consumers

There are green products and black products, green consumers and colorless consumers, and every shade from between. A product needs a consumer and other way around, but many times the mix is not so self evident. Everyone of us has different spectrum of colorful combinations in the lives and I started to think the one’s that I have met in my life and myself as well.

Supergreen and black&white. Organic people are organic. They read a lot about green issues and want to share their green values. Many times they become so interested in one topic that they forget all the other aspects that actually go hand in hand with the topics. The change comes if everyone in the world would live like they do and they want to change the people around them. Organic people think with the green heart and eat Finnish organic tomatoes all year long.

Green mind, red behavior. The people who know. They know and are able to think critically. They are impossible to argue with about any sustainability issue because they always have some waterproof arguments that no normal person could ever have even thought about. These people don’t buy organic carrots because they know that it doesn’t safe the world. Nothing is going to safe the world.

Brown and green, a hint of gold – Dumpster divers – “Supermarkets are corporations and I am not going to be tricked by them! I am not going to give my money to these unfair and corrupted chains. ” This group is seen in the backyards of the supermarkets after the closing time. It is hard to say if they really would have money to buy the food or do they really care about the huge amount of eatable food thrown away. In any case, the excitement factor has a lot to do, in any case. This group should be introduced the triangle of sustainability – environmental – social and economical.

Color of plastic, green and smoke – Recyclers – The masters of the household – the ones that have five different bins under the sink to sort out almost everything. After every day they go through each of the bins, bare hand, to find the lost sheep from the wrong bin. The best moment in their life was when they read about the energy waste collection coming to the town. And how this is related to consuming? “Buying plastics isn’t bad anymore!” Many times these people live in rural areas and have to drive tens of kilometers to dump the waste to the recycling bins.

Any trend color at the time and grey – On the wavers – they read from international magazines that sustainable lifestyle is the new trend. They start following the lifestyle before anyone else, changing their diet and decorating their homes with old looking furniture “found from grandma’s addict”. Actually the furniture are made in China, from new materials, artificially eroded, shipped tens of thousands of kilometers and sold in the fancy interior decoration stores – the image before the knowledge and facts.

The list is just a beginning, so feel free to add more! 😉


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