A few links concerning energy use and sustainability for those interested

One of the observations of today’s (Monday, March 25) lecture must have been how tightly our everyday lives are coupled with the consumption of energy. A lot of energy, despite all the attempts at eco-efficiency et cetera. The issue prompted some discussion particularly today, and I thought to just provide a few links to couple of stories, again in National Geographic, for those interested in energy issues (which are at the heart of sustainability).

Here’s an article on household energy consumption; a story where a family runs an experiment of measuring their CO2 emission levels of their ordinary living. It’s a good story and worth reading, though like most NGM stories, it’s not newspaper length.

There was also an feature on solar power, which had this pretty illuminating diagram on clean energy potential: followed by a diagram of shares of types of renewable energy of all energy production.

Finally, here’s National Geographic’s info page related to their energy special a few years back. Has some links to carbon footprint tests, green guides, and a number of essays concerning issues such as Canadian tar sands, oil demand, biofuels and so on.


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