Put your money where your mouth is

Greenwash has been on top of discussions lately. Many companies have been accused to be green only on the surface and not throughout their actions. Nowadays consumers need proof of the sustainability of the company, only a product labeling “ecological” or “organic” is not enough. As some mentioned on the Wednesdays class, it is not even good to market yourself or your product as eco-friendly, because in some industries is has gotten a negative tone. Sustainability is becoming more and more expected, so the marketing factor should be something else.Thus, it is good for the company’s reputation if it truly is sustainable, but doesn’t shout it in every advert.

But this also depends on the industry. At lecture we had the exercise about cooking and lightning. Food industry is definitely one field were ecological aspects have been a trend for some time now. Organic food was the biggest trend couple of years a go. It is a big thing still, but at the moment people are more interested about local food. Local food is defined to be pure and fresh,  having a small ecological foot print all these things that also organic food has. But what is different is that local food is produced near by so there is less transportation and  less packing materials  needed, no need to use preservatives and you can easily trait where your food is from. Of course local food only good at the point when it is produced according to the season and in Finland most of the year that is not the case..

One thing about my own consumption. I live in a single household, with a tiny freezer. This leads to me not cooking often at home, because I don’t want to eat the same dish for a week and if a buy all the ingredients that a tasty meal needs, most of it ends up in the bin. And I certainly don’t like wasting food, so I only buy what I eat. It’s basically either eating something really simple like noodles at home or eating out. Don’t know which is better from the sustainability view?



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