ISO Standards: The ISO 9000 family

As we discussed sometime in class about the ISO standards, I feel it interesting to do a little research and get an insight knowledge of the standards rather than knowing by name. My first intention is to come up with a list of all ISO number and its meaning. However, since I visited their website, for me it’s impossible and make no sense to do that. If I want to learn more about these standards, it would take days and weeks. With my limited time resource, I picked up the most popular one and started from it: ISO 9000. The family ISO 9000 is very familiar to me by name as it appears on every product’s TV Ads in my country. Nevertheless, after more than 10 years, the only thing I know about it is “quality management”  😀

ISO 9000 is quality management and quality assurance standards on 8 principles:
1. Customer focus
2. Leadership
3. Involvement of people
4. Process approach
5. System approach to management
6. Continual improvement
7. Factual approach to decision making.
8. Mutual beneficial supplier relationships

While ISO 9000 is the fundamental and vocabulary of the quality management system (QMS), ISO 9001 is a part of basic requirements for QMS. There are 5 requirement sections in the process, in which the first 4 are applicable to all organizations.

– Quality management system
– Management responsibility
– Resource Management
– Measurement, analysis and improvement
-The “Product realization” may be tailored to meet the needs of organization
—> what you should do to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements

ISO 9000

Besides, some others in the ISO 9000 family include:
ISO 9004: makes QMS more effective and efficiency in achieving goals and objectives by extending the benefits to other parties: employees, owners, suppliers, partners and society in general
ISO 10001, 10002, 10003: Quality Management – Guideline for customer satisfaction
ISO 10005, 10006: Guideline for quality plan and quality managements in projects
ISO 19011: covers the area of auditing of QMS and environmental management systems

When I have more time, I would like to continue the research with environmental standards and see if there is any interrelation between the two family.



  1. Thanks Michelle, and I agree it’s not a pleasant task to dig up the details on those different standards. By the way, I thought to make that remark about the abundance of ISO 9000 signs in Vietnam as I witnessed them too when I was visiting the country some five years ago 🙂


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