Impact Matrix for Mobile Phone

I wasn’t able to participate the lectures on Wednesday, so I decided to try out filling in an impact matrix for a mobile phone. Here is what I came up with, what do you guys think?

Ways to reduce impacts in

  • Manufacturing & Disposal
    • increase recycling and reuse of mobile phones
    • possibility of software updating of phones instead of buying the next model?
    • use of recycled materials in production
  • Use
    • longer lasting batteries



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  1. An interesting choice for conducting a life-cycle analysis, thanks for sharing. Nokia actually conducts LCAs for their cell phones as well, at least for carbon footprint as the company reports them (page 50 in Nokia sustainability report 2011, It shows that more than half of a cell phone’s carbon footprint is generated in the material extraction/component manufacture phase, while 25% is generated in the use phase – this has some implications concerning your matrix.

    One might argue that there is some impact on health in the disposal phase as a significant number of cell phones are disposed of in questionable circumstances in poor countries. Recycling cell phones is generally an area, which is problematic for consumer electronics manufacturers. I have actually worked in a Nokia project concerning cell phone take back, and frequent problems include low turnout in take back campaigns as well as companies that pay for old, even broken phones to resell them. The problem is, a number of these phones end up in places where, for example, Nokia would want to keep its phones away from. So with these things in mind, it’s a real challenge to arrange proper recycling for cell phones.


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