First Word; Prejudice

I’m a master student at Aalto University, doing my last course, Sustainability Marketing and Consumption, into my master’s degree for my minor program Creative Sustainability. I wanted to take this particular course for three reasons; firstly I don’t value marketing as such very highly, secondly I’m exited about sustainable business becoming more and more as the “norm” of doing business and being the “missing link of capitalism”, and thirdly to learn more about these two being together.

Marketing has represented me for a long time the dark side of doing business and it has always felt like doing something “nasty”. This derives from “sugar coating” facts, changing and twisting stories and leaving the good at plain sight while covering the bad. Marketing is the tool used to sell things people don’t need,things they already have, things that don’t have a meaning and things that are disposable even they shouldn’t have to be. And all this because it’s business and only business. This it what some companies do, not all of course, but few (or most) is enough to ruin the reputation for all.

I admit it, I am prejudiced when it comes to marketing. Studying marketing as a minor in my bachelor’s degree didn’t help this either, quite the opposite. I do still feel that marketing is not all bad and through its tools we have an equal change of doing something “good and right”. We just don’t see this happening that often.

From this course I expect to see and learn how marketing can be used in different ways, but especially how to use it for sustainable causes and how it has been used “for good” with success. I would also like to learn how open and honest marketing can be effective and meaningfull with high impact levels. I hope to see that the trend of resposibility is rising more from the inside of marketing field rather than as a mandatory must from the outside. I believe that when marketing tools are harnessed with care, we see different results on consumption as well and this is where I see the true importance of marketing lies.



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