First thoughts about Sustainability Marketing and Consumption -course

So my first blog post ever –this is going to be intriguing! I’m starting to write this blog with somewhat perplexed thoughts about doing so. I’m used to all the learning diaries that you have to write in almost every management course and I’ve been writing them quite openly. But they are usually meant for only few pairs of eyes. Now I’ll just have to get comfortable with the fact that my thoughts are visible to all members of the course.

This said, I was really pleased to see in the first lecture of Sustainability Marketing and Consumption how creative tools for studying we have in the course. It’s definitely something different from other courses I’ve attended; the group work presentations are replaced with the creative video and learning diaries are replaced with this blog. I think all this is going to help us students to get the most out of the course and will make it more interesting. And actually there is at least one good thing in writing this blog instead of a diary; a deadline after every lecture, so that we (I) won’t leave it to the last night.

OK, enough about the first feelings and to the point. It was really interesting to hear about how different backgrounds people in the class are from. The expectations varied a lot and I started to think about my own expectations and connected them with the others thoughts. In the course I’m looking forward on:

  • getting a new point of view on sustainability, to get from managing the tasks to communicating them
  • learning about how the new media affects sustainability marketing and what are its upsides and downsides
  • getting more creative views on sustainability, not just hearing about the success stories but also about failures and the reasons behind them


So that is all for this time. Next time I’ll try to focus more on the course matters.



This is supposed to brighten up my attitude towards blogging!



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