Away from the window dressing

First of all I want to thank the lecturers for the very inspiring first lecture! I was excited about this course already beforehand, and now my excitement rose to another level.

As I mentioned during the lecture, I’m majoring in accounting and since I have been working just in financial accounting departments, marketing is something I haven’t come across with that much. The ‘Introduction to Marketing’ course is basically all I know, and I think in it’s an advantage in this case: I don’t know the ‘dark side’ of marketing that well, so I’m all open to deepen my understanding on marketing starting from a sustainable point of view.

This is my fourth and thus final course on Creative Sustainability, so sustainability itself isn’t new to be, and it’s a somewhat familiar subject also when considering my studies in accounting. I did my bachelor’s thesis on CSR reporting in Finland and in Denmark, and at that point I kind of thought that reporting was the ultimate way of proving that the companies are acting responsibly. But then I started studying Creative Sustainability and my opinion changed when learning more about issues like window dressing and greenwashing. I realized that CSR reporting can actually be part of that ‘dark side’ of marketing. It’s not necessarily done for responsibilities’ and sustainability’s sake, but just to make it look like the companies’ are acting in the ‘right’ way.

The unsustainability of marketing is much more talked about than the other side, so I’m happy to take this course to discuss it in a more positive tone and to learn how to do it differently. Looking forward to the coming lectures…


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