First thoughts about sustainability marketing

Thank you for the first introduction to sustainability marketing & consumption !

While human nature on earth is peaking with it’s basic elements of the living systems it’s interesting to talk about equity. Even if our human species is developed so that we rather make less offspring but with high quality than other way round we still don’t have too many countries to sustain the fair and safe future for their next generation what comes for example the violence against children.


I’m just wondering that if existing generations don’t have will to treat their children with equity how on earth they are able to react on peaks of natural resources ? The easiest way is to stay in comfy mode which is one interesting thing used in marketing i guess. Only when we aren’t able personally to afford doing things in old way we have to change. Maybe as some kind of animals we will fight for our own ‘survival’ and change our ways of acting mostly only when forced. I’m so looking forward to hearing more about sustainability marketing and consumption when basic marketing is targeting to more consumption. How we can avoid planned obsolescence but still get some continuous profit in order to keep up with the Jones’s or can we maybe be happy with less. The power is nowadays in weird hands if to believe on next video:


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  1. That’s an illuminating map, thanks for sharing. And indeed, many of the problems we’re facing are daunting, difficult, and complex.


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